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In sector after sector, the extractive PE playbook is the same: Buy up assets, load them with debt, strip them of assets, squeez workers, customers, and patients, and sell them off after a few years. Learn more about how this destructive business model is hurting people, and how we’re fighting back!

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The Looting of Art Van Furniture

Hear the story of Shirley Smith, who lost her job when a Wall Street private equity firm bought Art Van Furniture and looted it into bankruptcy in only three years.


Manufacturing Trouble

Francine Townsend watched a Wall Street private equity firm and other corporate owners gouge mobile home owners who were just trying to live in peace in the community they built.


Killing the Watchdogs

Hear the story of Julie Reynolds, who has documented how Alden Global Capital gutted local newspapers across the country, pocketing the cash.